Travel The World

Have you ever looked at a particular thing and seen flashes of images go through your head? Well I did as soon as I saw this clutch.

Tank Top- Forever 21,  Jeans – The Loot, Clutch – Linking Road,  Heart Bracelet – Guess, Necklace – Simply Yours, Ballet Flats- Elco Market.

Photographer : Andrea Wallace

  • I just can’t get over the amazing print on the clutch. The envelopes, the postcards and colorful postage stamps from different countries make me feel like traveling the world and discovering new places.

             The coolest thing is that I found it at Linking Road just for Rs. 300!

             P.S.  If you want it, you can find it right opposite the KFC located on Linking Road.

  • The reddish-brown jeans that I found randomly work well with a monotone tank top paired with a necklace and simple ballerina flats.
  • This outfit helps you beat the heat and keeps you  free during those rainy days when you have an umbrella in one hand, & your smartphone and ipod juggled in another.

 This was my very first fashion blog, I hope you guys liked it.
See you soon.

-XOXO Kreena

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