On The Edge

“Live lavish, without breaking the bank” as you can easily and effortlessly dress for less!

Photographer: Anish Desai

Dress – Nuon via Westside, Sling bag – Dubai, Neckpiece – Colaba, Cuff – Colaba, Flats – Kemps Corner.

Dress – I bought this pretty floral dress from Nuon via Westside which costed me around INR 700, a reasonable price for a dress. Similar dresses with floral designs can also be found at Colaba for INR 400.

Sling Bag – My best friend bought me this amazing sling bag as a gift from Dubai. Being the well mannered Indian girl I am, I didn’t ask for the price :P; but comparable bags like this can be found at Colaba for INR 350, in an array of different shapes, sizes and colors.

Neckpiece – If you are going for a casual look, you absolutely need a statement accessory. It doesn’t have to be anything big that covers you entire neck or anything, but a subtle necklace works wonders for a chique look. I got this white & colorful studed neck-piece from a stall at Colaba for only INR 150

Cuff – Due to my shopping spree at Colaba, I bought the cuff for only INR 80. Colaba is a hub for beautiful accessories, you will definitely find an array of unique accessories at a very reasonable price.

Flats – If you are going shopping with your friends or simply a casual date, wearing flats can give a girl the freedom to walk carefree without having to worry about falling down from the three inch platforms. I found these amazing flats at a store at Kemps Corner for INR 150 on sale. Yes, they were cheap because they were on sale. But, if you go to Colaba you can easily get them for INR 250.

All in all, my entire look was created in less than INR 1600 which I think is pretty reasonable considering the fact that these accessories can definitely be used with ample of other outfits and the dress can be played up or down depending on the occasion.

-XOXO Kreena

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