Max It Up

In my personal experience I have found that maxi dresses, capri pants or three- quarter length bottoms aren’t the greatest clothes for a girl my size. Initially I used to stay away from these clothes- due to my petite frame. But sooner or later this dress was bound to creep into my closet. In hindsight wearing this dress made me feel liberated (cheesy I know), and as soon as I put this pink dress on I felt extremely care free!

Photographer: Nikita Sanghavi

Maxi dress, Start Bracelet, Silver Earrings- Colaba, Heels- Shoe Society (Bandra), Bag- Stall outside Metro at Crawford Market.

I found this maxi dress during my shopping spree to Colaba with a few of my girl-friends. I found it at a very cheap rate for only INR 400 :). Initially I got quite the negative response from most of my friends, they even cautioned me to treed carefully when putting this dress on. But hey, I was confident that I could pull it off!

Accordingly I give maxi dresses extra brownie points for its versatility to be worn in a variety of different situations; in cricket terms, think of them as an all-rounder. They can be worn in the winter with a cute jacket or a scarf, during spring time in bright hues, and of course during the summer time, plain as sunlight for that carefree look.

In my estimation fashion is the idea of feeling comfortable, confident, and most importantly beautiful in wearing what you want to wear, and look good wearing it. I’m befuddled as to why this dress wasn’t in my closet sooner! This a ‘must have’ for any lady trying to dress care-free with a dash of style and a vigour of confidence.

My nails during the shoot.

-XOXO Kreena

2 thoughts on “Max It Up

  1. Why be a blogger when you can very well be a model 🙂 Excellent post and kudos to your photographer for showing all of us something beautiful 🙂 Keep up the good work

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