Shades of Grey

The temperature in Mumbai is soaring high this time of the year and all a Mumbaikar wishes is to quench his/her thirst with some monsoon magic. Every morning, the first thing on my to-do list is to hunt for a stylish yet weather bearing outfit from my closet.

To look stylish this summer the obvious thing to do is wear your shorts or flowy dresses. But if you take the public transport in a city like Mumbai you gotta keep your self covered up! You can opt for cotton pants, cargos, or khakis which will keep you dry and fresh. A tank top/graphic tee along with statement accessories/stylish bag can also do wonders for your overall look depending on how you style it up. A pair of nice heels or even flats would do the trick depending on the purpose of your outing.

Moving onto the outfit I wore these simple  pair of shorts from Old Navy via. Colaba and a plain grey top. To spice things up a little I threw on a vest with a black necklace and voila I was ready to go. The ensemble looked especially nice since I had just finished undoing my braids (click here to know what I am talking about) to make my hair look wavy.


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Shorts – Old Navy; Top – A boutique in L.A.; Vest – Forever 21; Necklace – JC Penny; Clutch, Shades & Arm Candy – Colaba; Shoes – Queup.

– XOXO Kreena

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