Ocean Blue

When it comes to shopping I have two different personalities, either I pick things up at an instant or I don’t buy it at all. Conversely when I don’t buy things I’m usually in regret thinking maybe or not I should have bought a particular item in the first place. Now don’t get me wrong, the regret I feel isn’t random without any reason, I’d like to think there are certain factors that lead to me feeling a certain way i.e. what the item was, the cost of the item and if it was worth it at that price. Other factors can also include the amount of time I had to shop and the places I do my shopping from. For instance; If I’m going to Colaba, I’ll walk down the street once or twice, take my own sweet time and then pick things up if I really want it. But If I’m in Bangkok, like I was last week, the impulsive shopper most definitely comes out, and due to the time constraints of only having one day to shop for myself and my family and friends, added to that the plethora and wide array of clothes made me feel quite euphoric. Anyone who loves shopping like I do and has experienced Bangkok shopping first hand will reaffirm the same- shopping in Bangkok is paradise for shopaholics everywhere.

Back to my rant on impulsive shopping :P. When I buy items instantly without thinking twice, I generally go for statement pieces which will last for a long time and which I will use with some outfit or another. For instance the earrings in the picture below were bought over a year ago and I never managed to wear them till today. But luckily the top I bought from Bangkok made sure my earrings got fully utilized.

1234567Top, Bag, Shoes – Bangkok; Earrings – Colaba; Leggings – Linking Road, Watch – Tommy Hilfiger

They say you should make resolutions at the beginning of the year so you have a mind set for the entire year. Livemodish just turned a year old! A new year and new resolution. I will be having new posts on my blog twice a week (mostly Tuesdays and Fridays) so I can be regular at blogging and you guys can be regular at following my blog. So cheers to sticking with new resolutions!

-XOXO Kreena

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