Sparkle and Shine

Every girl has a piece of jewelry in her jewelry box that she doesn’t wear because it looks out-dated or old. But, what if you can change it up and make it look vibrant and beautiful again. The monsoon rains inspire me and I must confess, enable me to stay in the comfort of my own home and give me the time to make creative things right out of my closet. I came across a really old bracelet that I have never worn before and made it look beautiful again. Follow these steps to recreate your old jewelry pieces into something more appealing and wearable.


  • 4 nails paints – two bright colors, a copper color, a clear shimmer
  • An old piece of jewelry


In my case I used a gem bracelet so I colored the alternate gems of the bracelet a different color. If you are using a necklace or earring, paint it according to pattern and shades you desire.

Step 1:  I painted a baby pink tone on alternate gems. 3Step 2:   Then used a deep purple shade and painted the remaining gems on the bracelet.4Apply one coat and let it dry for a few minutes and then go back and apply two or three coats till you get your desired shade. Make sure the paint covers the base of the jewelry completely.5Step 3:   After the gems were painted, I used my copper nail paint to color the beads around the gem to give it a rust gold finish.6Step 4:   To add a glossy spark to the overall look I applied two coats of a shimmer nail paint.7


  1. Avoid using acrylic paints to color accessories as nail paints tend to be fuss free and it doesn’t make a mess since the brush is already available in the bottle.
  2. When you opt to paint your jewelry piece go for bright colors and not dull ones.
  3. Opt for a matte nail paint for the base and  a glossy coating for the finishing touches.

8Step 5:  Let the nail paint dry completely, it will hardly take some time (5-10 minutes) and then you can show it off with any outfit you choose to wear.9

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and feel free to send me pictures of your DIY jewelry pieces on

XOXO Kreena

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