Oh So Formal

As much as I love dressing up in all my girly outfits, I am also obsessed with formal looks. Formal outfits give that sense of elegance, grace, and professionalism not found in our day to day outfits.Not to forget the most important point; people tend to take you more seriously. Formal attire to me doesn’t only mean that formal button down shirt tucked in your black pants with a belt around your waist. Formal outfits are those which are clean, not to loud, monotone and a little bit of pearls wouldn’t hurt. What I am not fond of are pants or trousers and instead, I substitute them with either black leggings or stretchy jeans for the crisp clean look. An important thing to keep in mind when dressing formally; keep the accessories to a minimal, you don’t want to attract unnecessary attention as you are wearing the formal attire for a more professional purpose.

Speaking about the outfit, I wore a peplum top with leggings and kept my accessories to a minimal. I went with tiny earrings, a bracelet and a watch. I also carried a stylish bag which brought the brown and black look together with the added style factor.

12 34 5 6IMG_9706_zps55c2f530

9 8Top, Bag, Earrings – Bangkok; Leggings – Sirens; Shoes – Bandra; Bracelet – Colaba; Watch – Tommy Hilfiger

-XOXO Kreena

3 thoughts on “Oh So Formal

  1. That is a wonderful formal outfit achieved in a minimalist way too! Love the bag and shoes 🙂

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