My journey into the fashion world had started well before I created Livemodish. Through an internship with Avesh Dadlani, I was learning the ropes, on what its like to work with top fashion designers in the industry. Also through other internships with upcoming designers I learned the hustle and drive to build and branch out their clothing lines to stores across Mumbai. But it was finally time I pursued my own goals and I got into The National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai for a Bachelors in Design program.

I would love to share my experiences with you guys and just be candid and open about how I felt the first week at NIFT. The orientation days at NIFT were a lot of fun which included NIFT alumni discussing their careers and their struggles in the industry. After the long and tedious pep talks that stretched an entire day- NIFT treated the freshmen (or fresh women) to a field trip to Imagica theme park. This was an important event because it allowed the newcomers to interact with each other in hopes that they would get to know each other better. It clearly worked because already on my first day of class I knew so many of my peers and had already selected the people that I was most comfortable with.

Interestingly I observed some pretty shocking things about the seniors at NIFT. I saw girls in super short skirts, cropped tops, high heels, cake-faced literally, heavily accessorized attending classes and mingling in the corridors. Guys with spiked hair, fancy pants and an attitude like there was nothing above them. Air-kisses, side hugs, and fake compliments were also thrown around from time to time. Now I must clarify that my previous college H.R had nothing of this sort, apart from some fake bitches I would occasionally try to ignore.

But through my NIFT experience I couldn’t help but wonder if I was going to become ‘them’ in a few years? Am I going to become that girl who dresses up just to attend a class, after staying up all night finishing assignments? Will I become that girl who will blow air kisses and give fake compliments to people every now and then? Do I HAVE to change to fit into a certain kind of environment?

I knew that I couldn’t possibly answer all these questions myself, so I went to my best friend who knows me better then I know myself. I just had to share what was going on in my mind. After having an hour long conversation I realized (with assistance) that there will be many people along the way who will come and go and leave a certain print or impression in our lives. Everyone has a history, a story, a background that they come from that influences who they are today and retrospectively their baggage will rub off on your own history and experiences. It’s a general principle of time that people will directly or indirectly influence you, guide you, and give you advice, from making career choices to the way you have to act in society to even day to day interactions with others.

When it comes to my own experiences, I know I was given wrong career advice in the past that lead to spending three years studying a subject I didn’t have any interest in. I’d like to believe that somehow we weren’t always alone in our decision making processes. Either it might have been due to parental pressures or conforming to societal values and morals, we have all been coerced into doing things we didn’t want to do.

But I am proud to say that I have learnt from my mistakes and have embraced the fact that I should never loose myself from who I truly am or who I truly want to become. So it is okay to blow air kisses every now and then, when you attend a certain kind of event or converse with a certain kind of crowd, but do so without loosing your true self or else be considered fake. Personally I feel that I don’t need to change myself for anyone or anything as long as I am comfortable in my own skin. All you can do is hope that people accept you for who you are, and if they can’t then they’re not worth your time. So before I go any further I’ll leave you with a somber note- what you can’t control don’t bother because at the end of the day there is only you, and your excuses for blaming others will not help you succeed in life, accept yourself for who you are and stay confident.

XOXO Kreena

3 thoughts on “Metamorphosis

  1. Reading dis feels soo good.. I cud actually relate 2 all I had gone thru dis too. Being a part of dis fashion industry does make u realize d fake smile, d fake concern n love ppl show..but as u rightly said.. at d end it’s YOU who matter..its d difference u create n not allowing ursrlf to become a part of dem.. bt at d same time very much knowin d skill to mould into dat environment jus 2 survive..widout changing the True You. !! 😉

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