Suit And Tie


  • Grey, Silver, Black Nail Paint
  • Clear Polish
  • Toothpick ( you can even use a thin paint brush)



Step 1 – Apply two coats of grey nail paint on your fingers.2Step 2 – Paint the tip of your nails with the silver nail paint. This line does not have to be completely perfect because the black line on top of it will make it even. But, don’t completely depend on it and try to paint it properly (you can even use the cello tape method for this step). 3Step 3 – Dip your toothpick in black nail paint and draw a triangle. Draw it like an arrow facing the center of your nail. I used the stippling method (using tiny dots to make a shape) instead of just dragging the toothpick across the nail. Make sure this triangle is more towards the side of the nail.4Step 4 – Draw another triangle like arrow facing the previous one. Make sure this one starts at the center of your nail and connects to the tip of the first one. 5Step 5 – Once both the triangles are done it will look like a bow. Now use stippling method, make a straight line with black paint across the nail. Don’t drag the tooth pick across you nail; just make tiny dots close to each other which will form a line. If you are using a paint brush then you can go head the glide the paint on your nail.6Step 6 – Apply a clear top coat to give a glossy finish to you manicure.7P.S. you can use bright or pastel colors for this manicure for a summer-y effect. (a bright neon pink base with white tips and black bow just came to my head ^_^)

IMG_0862_zps70dba3bc– XOXO Kreena

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