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For my other curious followers please read on! Today I was just thinking why do women have to be scared to walk down a street, avoid empty skywalks, or walk in a group even at 9 o clock at night?

For example, yesterday I was in college for the Navratri festivities till 9 o clock and as I commute to and from college everyday, I had to leave early so I can reach home safely. As I was walking with a few of my friends in a group, a bunch of guys in a car purposely opened the car door in front of us as a practical joke, in order to startle us and back up. They shut their door, laughed and drove off. We couldn’t do much and kept on walking. Why do we have to walk in a group to feel protected?

Conversely I went to my friend’s house, near college, in order to pick up my bags and go home. I changed into my normal clothes and removed my red lipstick and black eye-liner with the thought that it shouldn’t provoke any guy on the station. Why do woman have to restrict themselves from feeling good through make-up or short clothes or feeling confident about themselves?

After that, along with two of my friends, I got into the first class of the train, which was empty but we thought about it twice before getting on. Then we saw a bunch of guys peeping through the men’s division of the compartment. It made my friend feel uncomfortable, so we got down at the next stop and quickly ran to the second class compartment for the remainder of the journey. As the second class was half full, we got on just to feel a little secure. Why couldn’t we travel by first class although we had the ticket for it?

After catching my next connecting train which had 6 ladies in my compartment out of which 5 of them were getting down on the next stop (including me). I saw the lady sitting next to me asking everyone who was going past the next stop (as she was) but she didn’t get any nods. Later I saw her getting down at my stop (although she was going to get off after the next few stops) because she probably didn’t want to travel alone. Why did she have to get off at a stop which was not even her stop to begin with?

When I finally reached my station, my dad came to pick me up as he didn’t want me to walk back alone. Why couldn’t I walk alone just two blocks down the street?

At times why do I feel that I walk like a queen when I have my portfolio bag or my T-scale (geometry instrument) in hand, which usually scares desperate men from touching me. Why do I need that ruler in my hand in order to avoid men from trying to touch me on a railway station?

I feel as though the increase in help lines and police security on the station will still not be enough for women to feel safe and secure travelling in this city and except spreading awareness there isn’t much we can’t do much about it. I walk with my hands near my chest with my fists clenched and my bag towards my back so no one could touch me, and if they do I could be ready to punch them before they escape. Why do I have to walk like that? 

As I travel in the Mumbai locals 3 hours a day, everyday, I see all these problems woman face in their daily routine and I can’t help but think about what they must me going through.  Personally I know that I will travel everyday for a few years till I graduate and hopefully settle into a job close to my house; but, what about the woman who travel in Mumbai locals for a living and  have to do so for scrap subsistence?

 Although I can carry pepper sprays or pocket knives as self defence, why do women have to be put in that situation in order to feel a little sense of security? A pocket knife won’t solve the solution, will it?  These are questions I think about on my way to and from college, and I bet I am not the only one on the sinking boat thinking of these things. Women like me and even the confident ones have to live with this on a daily basis and just learn to move on as a daily part of life. It might not be the right or healthy way to think about these situations but it is the only option we have.

Anyways, please share your thoughts, feelings or experiences here. I know this can be a very fuelled and heavy topic to discuss but trust me it helps to vent lol. Until next time,
Stay safe 😀

-XOXO Kreena

One thought on “Why?

  1. OMG Kreena..this is sucha beautiful post. I think abt it everyday. Even if I am going out with my husband in our car, my husband will always ask me to wear less flashy clothes and makeup, if we r expecting to return late. It irritated me initially, but the recent horrifying cases have made me understand him better. i just hope things change for the better..but till then..we have to keep up.

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