Black Thorn



  • White, Red, Gold, & Black nail paint
  • Thin paint brush
  • Gel pen
  • Cello-tape



Step 1: Apply two coats of white nail paint on fingers and make sure the color is opaque and not transparent.
3 Step 2: Take a gel pen and mark a point at the centre of your nail.4Step 3: Cut the cello-tape into 1 inch pieces and apply it from the centre of the nail to the corner of the tip of your nail. Use the pen mark as a reference and make sure the pen mark is still exposed as it will get covered up in the next step.
5 Step 4: Apply the red nail paint on the exposed part of your finger nail. I repainted my ring finger with gold nail paint to add a little edge to the manicure (as seen in the next step).6 Step 5 : Let the nail paint dry for 10 mins and gently remove the cello-tape in the same direction as it was applied.7 Step 6: Take a thin paint brush, dip it in black nail paint, make a V shape at the tip of the nail and fill it in  (as seen below).8 Step 7: After the black nail paint has dried apply a coat of clear nail paint to secure any bumps or uneven surface and also to add extra shine to the manicure.

9-XOXO Kreena

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