Accept, Adapt, Adjust

People often come and go in our lives on a daily basis influenced by graduations, promotions, different careers, and different jobs, but we need to choose the friends that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. We need to adapt to the changes and move on and take life as it comes. I met up with a few of my friends the other day after four long months. We were a tight group of  girls that ditched class together, ran to the washroom after every lecture to fix our hair and make-up, we joked about everyone in class, celebrated birthdays, and had our share of fights as well. After graduation, we separated into different fields; people have either started working, pursuing post-graduation, or moved out of town for certain reasons. So when we decided to meet after a very long time I was eager to learn what my girls were up to and all the stories we were  going to share of our lives. After a fun afternoon session of mingling we suddenly realized that we ran out of things to talk about, which was then followed by an awkward silence. It was then that we realized that times had changed. No longer can we bitch talk about the people from our class, take frequent breaks to the washroom, crack the type of jokes everyone would relate to. Things had changed and we all needed to accept it. There are people that will leave an imprint in your life and there will be certain moments when you will think about them even when you listen to a song, go to a certain place, or have a certain type of food. Anything that brings back memories. But from my own personal experiences I have learnt to accept the change as a normal process of life, adapt to it, and do things a little differently based on my current situation. The mantra i’d like to put across is this- manage to cherish the little things in life in the present moment that will affect your future outlook and you will find what is most important in your life. 🙂

Moving onto the outfit post this is one of my favorite tops that I recently purchased.  Mostly because of the frilly shoulders and the amazing fit. I usually love tops with a back belt attached to it because it tends to create a perfect body hugging fit. You can either wear this outfit with an array of accessories as I have done or you can simplify the look and ditch all earrings, necklaces, etc. In this post I specifically wanted to try on the feather earrings (which I am not the biggest fan off) and I must say, they definitely pull the look together.

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Top, Bag, Earring, Necklace, Shoes – Bangkok; Leggings – Linking Road; Arm Band – Colaba

-XOXO Kreena

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