Mumbai Winter

In a city like Mumbai, winters are hard to notice. Its only before 8 am and post 8 pm that you might feel the winter ‘chills’ (I use the word chills very loosely :p). Sadly, I never get the chance to wear my boots out very often. A reason for wearing flats or slippers as opposed to boots primarily has to do with the level of moisture and heat that gets trapped within the boots. The tropical climate does little to ease our troubles, so it’s always a good idea to aerate our feet. With that being said, Holi is just around the corner and with it the heat will soon devour our city. Before it does, I decided to saddle up my boots for one last winter outing! I paired up my boots with a lace top and leggings. I always wear boots with leggings because I just feel that denims make me look heavy – which offsets my petite frame. I put that on with a few pearls to accessorize my look along with a nice bag, and voila – the look is complete with the perfect amount of style.
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Top – Bangkok; Boots – JC Penny; Leggings – Linking Road; Bracelet – borrowed; Necklace, Ring, Bag – Colaba

-XOXO Kreena

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