With a Heart


  • White, black, red, and clear nail paint
  • A toothpick
  • Strips of tape (preferably paper tape). This is because in my own personal experience I’ve observed that paper tape doesn’t have such a strong adhesive, so it doesn’t doesn’t remove the nail paint when I peal it off.



Step 1: Apply a coat of white nail paint. Ensure it is opaque and not translucent, as a lot of the white nail paints are translucent.


Step 2: After the white nail paint dries, stick strips of tape horizontally with the desired amount of space between them. The amount of space I leave is the same as the thickness of the tape strips to get uniformity in the black and white lines. Make sure that there are no openings or gaps along the side of your nails.


Step 3: Apply a coat of black nail pain all over your nail. Dont be afraid to paint over the tape, since it will be coming off very soon.


Step 4: Let the black nail paint dry completely. After it’s dried, gently remove the strips of tape horizontally. Remember to be careful here! If the nail paint is still wet, or if you remove the strips in any other direction you risk the lines from getting smudged.

Step 5: Dip your toothpick in the red nail paint jar and make a heart on the bottom corner of your ring finger. After its dry, top it off with a clear top coat for that shiny glossy look :D.

This nautical themed manicure is cute, fun, and very easy! It just needs a lot of precision and patience, but once you get it right, be ready to flaunt it everywhere and get noticed.
– XOXO Kreena

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