In a Man’s World

Have you ever experienced that moment when you stand in front of your closet full of clothes and think “I don’t have anything to wear!” Well, if you ever come across this situation, this is what you do; walk over to your brother/boyfriend/fathers closet and pick out a shirt in whichever color you like and pretend like it’s yours for the day!

This blog is about making the best with what you have and not about splurging on silly things when they are not even necessary. Whether it is getting your nails done at a salon or flaunting designer bags on the road. Making the best out of any situation is the mantra I preach, and hopefully it’s rubbing off on you 😉

This outfit consists of my brothers black shirt and my black leggings. Understandably, he is a little taller then me and so, in order to pull of the shirt in style, I wore a thick black belt on top of it and rolled the sleeves up to my elbow. What this did was give off the illusion that the shirt was a perfect fit for my figure. To make my outfit look more feminine I wore a statement necklace under the collar of the shirt and paired it with a matching bag. Voila! I suddenly had a new set of clothes in my closet (thanks bro).


Shirt – Borrowed; Leggings – Sirens; Belt, Necklace, Bracelets, Bag – Colaba; Shoes – Queup

– XOXO Kreena

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