Color Me Rainbow

My latest post on nail art will have all your friends and family wondering what salon you go to. You can surprise them and take all the credit 😀 and maybe give some to Livemodish. Now although this mani may look very complicated due to its’ intricate design, I assure you its very easy to accomplish.



  • White nail paint
  • 5 bright colored nail paints
  • A paint brush and tooth pick with black and white nail paint or acrylic paint


  • You can even purchase nail paints with a thin metal point used for nail art.


These nail paints are worth purchasing, especially in black and white color, as it works with any nail art.



Step 1: Apply a white coat of nail paint onto your nails, and after it dries apply 2 coats of the colored nail paint. The white nail paint will ensure that the color looks bright and stands out.


Step 2: Make alternate black and white vertical brushstrokes on all your fingers. I continued the alternate color sequence on all the nails. For example, the last line on my index finger is white and I continued it with the first line on my middle finger with black nail paint.


Step 3: Make alternate 2 and 3 big dots on the vertical lines with the same color. If you make 3 dots on the first line, make 2 dots on the second one and keep alternating.


Step 4: Now make tiny dots within the big dots with the opposite color, as seen below.


Step 5: Finish this manicure off with clear glossy top coat and flaunt it.


You can definitely play around with colors in this manicure. Please send me pictures of your manicure after you try it.

Tag me on instagram – @livemodish or leave comments below or on my facebook page!

Until next time 😀

-XOXO Kreena.

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