Miracles Can Happen

Learning is a never ending experience, from the situations you go through to the experiences you have, everyday you learn something or the other about yourself. Curious as to why I started off the post with that line? Well, it has come to fruition that for the past couple of weeks I have realized a few things (spurts of enlightenment if you will). As some of my daily readers might already know, I lived in Los Angeles, California for over five years during my middle school and high school period. That period in my life was crucial to my development, and I argue, that it is essentially an important time in a lot of peoples journeys. This was the time when I grew as a person, and tried to come to terms with who I was, and what I subsequently wanted to become. But after abruptly moving back to Mumbai my world flipped 180 degrees! Of course I’m not really complaining as just stating the facts of my existence (heavy dialogue). I have to admit, my life is very comfortable here, but at times I do long to be back in California.  In fact I must admit that a tiny corner in my heart considers California my ‘home’ even though I’ve spent majority of my life here.

So why am I telling you all this. Well recently I visited Dubai, and I am completely in love with that city. Dubai reminded me of LA. The wide roads, clean streets, friendly people, SUN (sans humidity), and just the array of fun filled activities one can do. It just made me want to move back to Cali as soon as possible (which I plan to do one day 🙂 ).

Attractions like Ferrari World, Snow Park, Miracle Garden, going on a desert safari, visiting their local markets and mosques, strolling through gigantic malls and getting to see wonderful cars were just a few of the wonderful things I did in Dubai. Out of all the places I visited I absolutely fell in love with The Miracle Garden! The entire landscape is embellished with flowers from all over the world, and trust me if I lived in Dubai, you would be seeing outfit posts from that place almost on a daily basis. *A note of advice for any travel enthusiasts visiting Dubai, do see the Miracle gardens in the Spring time around April, because that is the time when the flowers reach their full bloom (idk what that means, just conveying something the tour guide told me :P).

Moving onto my outfit, I chose to wore a jumpsuit in the scorching heat. I purchased it from Hill Road, Bandra just for INR 450. I loved the print and it served me well in the Dubai heat, as it was quite loose and breathable. I paired it up with a pair of flats since I had a lot of walking to do that day. And here are the pictures that I took at the Miracle Garden, Dubai, ENJOY 😀

?????????????????????????????? ?????????? ??????????

67?????????? ??????????

Jumpuit – Hill Road, Bandra; Bag – Gifted; Earrings – Bangkok; Watch – Tommy Hilfiger; Shades, Flats – Colaba; On my nails – OPI (Instagram)

– XOXO Kreena

2 thoughts on “Miracles Can Happen

  1. nice place..n cool outfit. its so strange that of all places i have visited, Dubai is my most fav. n i recently returned fro california after a two month work trip. m blogging abt it right now on my blog.

    New Post Up

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