Make A Statement

Have you heard of statement clothing? Well, me neither, but apparently its a “thing.” But for all those that are unaware, statement clothing can single handedly tranform the outfit in an aesthetically appeasing way. Either it is the print, the cut, the silhouette or even a color. With the minimalist make up and accessories, they work wonders to create a great look.

Tips on how to identify statement clothing in your closet:

  • Versatility – You should be able to mix and match this piece with various pieces.
  • Distinct – It should have a particular mark in terms of print, cut, silhouette.
  • Comfort – You should feel comfortable wearing it.

These palazzo pants fall in the statement clothing section in my closet, because it is all I need to make heads turn (if I say so myself). I paired my pants up with a basic black tank top along with a sling bag. A watch and a nice pair of heels were all that I needed to complete the look. I’m telling you, once you identify your statement-clothing-piece,  dressing up and making a statement is a piece of cake.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8Tank Top – Forever 21; Palazzo – Linking Road, Bandra; Shoes – Queup; Watch – Tommy Hilfiger; Ring, Bag – Colaba

Photo Credits: Pooja Dedhia Photography

– XOXO Kreena

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