Pineapple Express


As avid followers of my blog posts, you will have realized how crazy I am about my nail art. In fact the majority of my DIY posts are primarily nail art posts. Now in creating those perfect lines, the use of sellotape is a must! You can get crisp clean lines by using sellotapes and it is super easy to try them yourself. To create this manicure follow these few easy steps, and get ready to flaunt your nails where ever you go.


  • Green nail paint
  • Yellow nail paint
  • White nail paint
  • Sellotape



Step 1: Apply a coat of yellow nail paint, and let them dry completely before you move onto the next step (maybe a few hours or more). I left it like that for a day.


Step 2: Cut 10 square pieces of tape and stick them diagonally as show bellow where the corners of the tape meet at the center of the nail.???????????????????????????????

Step 3: Apply white nail paint on the bottom half of the nail. You can make horizontal strokes so that it does not go over to the top half of the nail.???????????????????????????????

Step 4: Apply green nail paint to the top half of the nail.???????????????????????????????

Step 5: Now this is the tricky part since you have to be very careful. When you remove the sellotape in order to get smudge-free straight lines, peel of the sellotape one line at a time. What I mean by that is that you will have to peel each  piece of tape in two halves, the edge touching the green paint and then  the edge touching the white paint.???????????????????????????????

Step 6: You can dip a size zero paint brush in the nail paint bottle and correct the edges. Top it off with a clear coat of nail paint and  you are ready to go!
???????????????????????????????-XOXO Kreena

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