India Circus by Krsna Mehta – Review

I have never spent countless hours on a website like I did on Trust me if you log onto it, you will get hooked. They have good quality products which are available in bright and vibrant colors.  I have to admit, I was very much a pessimist at first. I used to presume that the products on fashion websites were misleading (for the most part they are). But after receiving the products, I was quite satisfied. A negative about India Circus and perhaps it was because I had not personally ordered their product from their online website, was their atrocious service. On countless occasions, the lady I was corresponding with messed up my order, and even sent me a defective purse. They remunerated their mistakes, by offering me a cute little notebook, to apologize for the glitches in shipment process. All in all my customer service experience was a mix of frustration and delight. Delight in their products, but frustrating for their lack of service. Hopefully you will have a better experience with India Circus through their website than I did. Do let me know if you guys have had similar experiences through their website.

Enjoy this short video I created to show you guys my picks from Krsna Mehta’s 

Here are the products featured in the video: (you can click on the link to order them)

1. I love the Warli Village Jhola Bag because it is bright and vibrant with warli print and gold handles which gives a very casual and clean look. I also enjoyed the-fact-that-they generally don’t go over the top with their prints and colors which would make some products look tacky.

2. The Funky Transport Glass Mug and the Rickshaw Masti Glass Mug are versatile, in the sense that u can use it as a pen holder, accessories stand, or even grow plants in them. As a rule, something so pretty as this cup should not be placed behind your plates in the crockery cabinet.

3. The last product I received was the Hipster Singh Visitng Card Pouch . You can use it as a key or coin pouch as well. I personally use it as a coin pouch in times when I’m not carrying a purse. It’s great precisely because its wide enough to store your keys and acts as a stylish pouch that doesn’t cause discomfort when you put it in your pockets.

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What I’m wearing:- Top – Designer Pooja Dedhia; Shorts – Shobra Mall, Dubai; Earring – Pooja’s collection; Watch – Tommy Hilfiger; Rings – Forever 21, Accessorizing

Video shooting, photography, and editing by Pooja Dedhia

Here is the pros and cons of


  • Easy to surf through the website as the products are categorized collection wise.
  • Many methods of payment, including Cash On Delivery
  • Good quality packaging
  • Free shipping over 1000 INR.
  • Offers worldwide shipping.
  • Offers discounts and sales from time to time.


  • Some of the items are over priced.
  • Limited variety of products
  • Lack of inventory; I noticed a great deal of their products were constantly sold out.
  • As mentioned earlier, they messed up the order and sent me the products in instalments, when it should have been received together.
  • As for the defective purse; you will notice that the jhola they sent is printed upside down, when in essence the warli print should be facing up

If you are fond of funky and traditional designs then log onto to view their collection and get your shopping on!
-XOXO Kreena

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