“Nothings haunts you more than the things you didn’t buy.”

Mumbai rains are the worst for commuters travelling long distances. This topic holds dear to my heart, especially because I have to travel over great distances through out the school year. This year though, I was bent on making my trip a little more pleasant. No longer was I going to let the dirt, mud and potholes loitering around khargar station ruin my only good pair of jeans. What I needed were the perfect boots. Ideally of course the Burberry boots showcased behind the glass windows of Palladium mall would have done just fine. But as you know, not everyone can afford such lavish luxuries. Hence, what I needed were a cheap, light, and versatile pair that can truly stand toe deep with the best of them! After searching all over Mumbai, scanning ample of shopping website and asking a ton of my shopaholic friends, I finally found what I was looking for.

These boots are from Sole to Soul in Bandra and I bought them for INR 2600. Now of course, my avid viewers might be questioning the large sum of money I paid for boots. After all, this is LIVEMODISH, the website where cheap and accessible items can be accessorised, to make any look fashionable. But the way I see it- some things as important as boots, are a great investment. With their sturdy, yet stylish look- I can rock these bad boys for a few more seasons.

In regards to today’s post, I paired up my new boots with my favourite printed jeans that I recently purchased from Central Mall during the end of season sale. I found this “long” cropped top which works perfectly fine with my monochrome look. As for my hair, I thank god for my spontaneity (or lack of impulse) when I decided to cut my hair short. Not only have I not needed to battle frizzy hair, but my hair tends to curl itself the minute I walk out the door.


a b c d e f gi hBoots – Sole to Soul; Jeans – Central Mall; Top – thrifted from Ville Parle station; Rings – Accessorizing, Forever21; Bracelet, Bag – Colaba
Photography – Pooja Dedhia

-XOXO Kreena

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