Nail art workshop at Mood Indigo

People always ask me, whether I hold any classes or sessions for nail art. I am often reminded that in practice, some of the more intricate nail art are harder to accomplish, and often times it takes more than one or two tries to get it right. With that being said, I was thrilled at the opportunity of hosting a workshop organized by Mohawk. I didn’t know what to expect from this workshop at all; I had no clue about how many people would turn up, what they were expecting from me, or how it was going to turn out. But all I can say is that it was one of the best days of my life and I am truly grateful of getting the opportunity to teach the young and old alike. 1 The workshop began at 1:30 where I demonstrated a step-by-step process of making pretty nail art using several different materials. The Mohawk team had provided all the materials to the people who wanted to participate in the workshop and they had also arranged a camera with a live screening on the laptop for the people who were not able to see the nail art from different angles. 2 In the first session I taught a simple nail art using scotch tape and toothpicks, just like the Pineapple Express.  I must say, I simply loved the creativity and exuberance of my audience. This was due-to-the-fact that the audience could freely use the toothpicks and tape any way they wanted. The different colour combinations and linearity of the designs really brought out the fun and enjoyment of nail art! 4756 A lot of people started gathering and after the first round was done a few of them were eager to learn more nail art and wanted to sit for the second round as well. It was a heartwarming experience for me to paint nails for little kids, as their smiles glazed over their faces. Painting smiley faces and stars was fun for both parties involved and it simply brought out the little girl in me. 8910 For the second round of nail art posts we concentrated on an old favourite of mine. For the avid viewer, they will remember my News Print on Nails.This one was a crowd puller as the nail art looks intricate and fascinating, but is also super easy to accomplish. 12 I ended the workshop with the final session of a gradient nail art where we used a sponge to create a shaded texture on the tip of the nails. 11 After every session I got to take a look at all the creative nail art designs and pick a winner. We gave the winners a box of fun nail art related items in order to further master their talent. 13 The highlight of my day was the fact that children as young at 5 years and ladies as old as 40 years were interested in nail art. I have never been in such an environment where I have taught nail art tutorials for such a large demographic. Working from this side of the screen, I don’t know who my audience is, or what kind of people watch or read the content I provide, and rarely (except for a handful of avid fans) do I get to see their reactions or get their feedback while they are reading the blog or watching the videos. But, for the first time I saw the excitement and exhuberance on the faces of young girls and the happiness of attempting nail art. I even saw some of the frustrations of some of the young girls who had a hard time not smudging the paint on their nails. But the most important thing I got from this experience was the 1 on 1 interaction with each member of the audience. 1415 The smiles and laughter on the faces of women young and old gave me great pleasure, and words cant explain the joy I felt (truly empowering). 2015 has started of great! and all the positive energy around me has truly motivated and invigurated me to push much harder than ever before. Understanding more than ever how blessed my situation is, and to not take anything for granted is definitely something I will continue to do in this coming year and hopefully for the rest of my life.

Feel free to check out my nail art tutorials here.
Thank you for watching
Love you all!
-XOXO Kreena

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