Styling with Nine West

On today’s edition of Livemodish, I went outside the box, to do something I don’t end up doing very often a.k.a wear expensive clothes! You all know my mantra – look chic and stylish without breaking the bank. I usually live by those principles, and it’s very easy for me to pair an outfit with one or two statement pieces that makes my look complete.

But recently I and 25 other bloggers were invited by Nine West to take part in their styling campaign. The task was simple enough- pick between brands like Mango and Guess and choose an outfit to style Nine West products with. Of course, if you don’t know, Nine West makes fabulous shoes and bags, and I for one was not going to miss this opportunity!

Once I got there, the choice to style my outfit became even easier. Mango has some great clothes, but I was never really into their style, therefore the only other option was Guess. Once I got to the Guess store, my eyes lit up at what appeared to be this cute, black and white striped skater dress. Before I knew it, I was already at the check out counter.

Again I would love to reiterate what I have always told my followers. When it comes to styling your outfits, too much of anything does not make a good outfit. Instead, start minimal, and let your outfit pop with one or two eye catching statement pieces. Since my outfit was very monotone, I needed a statement piece that would complete the look. This is where Nine West comes in.


I spotted a range of fuschia pink hand bags in a variety of sizes.  They were there for my picking! It was a difficult decision, choosing between the wallet, sling bag, purse, and a tote in fuschia pink. But in the end I settled for the fuschia pink purse and paired it with a gorgeous pair of teeny tiny heels in the same color to give life to my outfit. Now I wouldn’t call it a general rule, but in almost every circumstance, the accessories you pick, will always look better if the footwear is of the same colour. This rule also applies to men’s outfits (ex. belt colour equals colour of shoes). Other then that, I added a cute dainty piece from the Nine West’s accessories collection, and there it was, my perfect outfit!












I hope you guys enjoyed this look and appreciated some of the advice I pointed to. It was definitely an honour to be a part of the Nine West Blogger Hunt and to be judged by the fashion director of Grazia magazine, Ekta Rajani. The entire process of picking the outfit from Guess, getting stylized by Inglot, and shooting with the team of Fashion Most Wanted was worth the experience.

 Here is a profile video I shot as part of the campaign to introduce myself:

Dress – Guess; bag, shoes, accessories – All: Nine West

Photo credit: Bhavya Kotian Photographer
Video credit: Fashion Most Wanted

 -XOXO Kreena

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