Hidesign – Art of Reuse 2015

My creative juices start flowing every time I hold a pair of scissors and a bottle of glue. In fact, the entire DIY section on this website consists of impulse projects that are various in nature. Everything from decorating clay pots, to recycling rusted bracelets all has a touch of creativity and simplicity to their design. Recently I came across Hidesign’s annual design contest ‘Art of Reuse’ where creative geniuses get a chance to create products and showcase their talent around the world. The concept of this project was to recycle the scrap pieces of leather from the Hidesign warehouse in order to re-use waste materials to create useful products. 1

In order to embark on this project, Hidesign provided me with a kit consisting of colored leather scraps, waxed thread, a needle, and a tool to create holes in the leather. I was more than excited to create several products when I got a hold of the DIY kit. I must admit though, working with leather was not easy! Putting aside the hours of brainstorming I had to do, the fact is that I had never worked with leather products before. Not to mention the pieces given were oddly shaped and not at all congruent on any side.

Luckily the two years of experience as a textile design student came in handy and I decided to start weaving pieces of leather to create a woven structure. The piece turned out to look impeccable so I decided that it should be the highlight of my article. I was not willing to compromise on the woven structure in order to create something wacky or distorted so I stuck to the basics and decided to create a clutch. The clutch would be practical as well as something I could rock!

2 Here came the tough part! Joining those pieces of leather with a needle and thread was difficult as it was not feasible on my part to poke holes through leather due to its thick and rugged exterior. Hence I employed the use of a hammer, my brother and an extremely thick needle to help me poke holes in this ishh.  After a while I got tired of that, and I went straight old school! I got a sharp scissor and started constructing (Due to the technical and proprietary nature of the work it will be very difficult to discuss the intricate detailing and workings of the clutch).* But I can tell you that after the detailing were complete, it was very easy to stitch the front and back piece together and give the flap a slight curve to finish the look. 3 4 5 6

So there you go – that is how I created my hand-woven and hand-made clutch using the Hidesign ‘Art of Reuse’ kit. I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post, and I would really appreciate it, if you could vote for me on their social media pages. It is a very cool project and an amazing initiative to reduce waste. The winner gets an all inclusive trip to Pondicherry to design their own Hidesign bag. The runner ups get cash prizes as well!

On a final note, Although It is too late to participate this year but make sure you do so in 2016 and get your creative juices flowing!

 -XOXO Kreena

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