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What does fashion mean to you? Is fashion merely a peek into the latest Vogue or Cosmo magazine? Is fashion finding out what the latest trends are and conforming to the styles of the masses? In my estimation fashion is the idea of feeling comfortable, confident, and most importantly beautiful in wearing what you want to wear, and look good wearing it.

Personally I love to keep myself updated with the latest trends in the fashion industry. Simple things like reading that tiny column in the Mumbai Mirror every Friday, or checking out what each celebrity is wearing in the DNA After hours section, can go a long way in keeping up with the ever evolving fast paced world of fashion design.

My mantra is simple; live lavish without breaking the bank! I don’t believe in splurging on silly things when I know I can find it at a cheaper price somewhere else, or customize it and make similar version of it on my own. This blog can be used as in informative tool in guiding the average person to places where great clothes and fashion accessories can be found at really cheap prices. The boroughs of Mumbai are as diverse as the city itself so finding the right place is crucial in getting exactly what you want.

Well that’s me in a nutshell. Most of my blogs are going to be about how to make a reasonably looking outfit into something more tasteful, a lot of DIY’s (Do it yourself) for sure, nail art and recommending my followers to lookout for the trendiest things to find on the bustling streets of Mumbai.

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-XOXO Kreena

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  1. Could people share your wonderful photos as long as they credit you for your work and post a link to livemodish? Thx in advance for the reply!

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